Ideal for any Cook except the very experienced. Participants will learn how to read recipes and understand cooking terms, methods and measurements. Learners are practically engaged in the preparation of meals. Participation through group work boosts learner confidence. Emphasis is placed on hygienic practices in the kitchen and in the preparation of food. Ensuring food is healthy, not overcooked and has a low fat content are important objectives. While primary instruction is in English, mother-tongue support is available. A comprehensive training manual is provided. Approximately 6 different dishes, typical of the “Monday to Thursday” family meals, are covered per session, including Roast Chicken, Grilled and Lightly Fried Fish, Pot-Roast, Stir-Fry, a simple Curry, Casserole, a variety of Mince Dishes including Lasagne, vegetable dishes, salads and some Baking.


Duration: 27.5 training hours

DOMESTIC BLISS Cooking School Class
DOMESTIC BLISS Cooking School Chancy


A baking course for all occasions! Everyday favourites include almond, jam, ginger, choc chip and shortbread biscuits, focaccio and mixed grain loaf. Blueberry muffins, delicious cakes such as sponge, marble, apple and chocolate roulade with coffee creams are our specialities.


Duration: 12 training hours




Warming meals including – various delicious nourishing soups, tasty pasta and vegetables dishes, main courses such as Beef Stroganoff and Crunchy Baked Chicken, Chicken Liver peri-peri,

Snack such as potato wedges with salsa and warm desserts.


Duration: 12 training hours

DOMESTIC BLISS Cooking School Mediterrainian

We cater to all tastes and dietary requirements. Contact us for your personal customized cooking course

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Understanding how to cook pasta correctly is vital!


A selection of popular versatile pasta sauces such as Siciliana, and tomato based sauces, as well as cream-based souces, pizza, and various main course dishes including Veal Limone, Osso Bucco, Canneloni and Risotto. Desserts include Tiramasu, Calzone, Mocha Pots and Glazed Oranges.


Duration: 12 training hours


A feast of Traditional Fish, Herring, Chopped Liver, Chicken Soup, Kneidlach, Perogen, Challah, Latkes, Meat Dishes, etc, to enchance the Shabbat or Yom Tov table.

Duration: 8 hours


A section of exciting contemporary, easy to prepare meals. All recipes has a full Nutrition Index. This course runs for 4 weeks – the first two sessions include tasty vegetarian dishes, the third session will focus on fish dishes and the last session on chicken .


Select 2,3 or 4 session as per your requirements.


Duration: 8, 12 or 16 training hours


Learners prepare dishes which are ideal for summer time lifestyle. Emphasis is placed on preparation and presentation of dishes using fresh seasonal ingredients. Some of the delicious dishes include Oriental Chicken Salad, Grilled Fresh Salmon with Cucumber Sauce, No-Crust Vegetable Quiche and Snoek

Pate in Phyllo Baskets, as well as a great variety of salads.


Duration: 12 training hours



Due to popular demand from employers and cooks alike, we have reintroduced a three day session Meal Planning programme covering:


  • Nutrition and the Food Pyramid
  • How to plan balanced meals• How to plan the weekly meal without constant repetition on the same familiar dishes
  • How to device a comprehensive shopping list based on future menus


We work in conjunction with employers to ascertain their food preferences and equip learners to prepare weekly menus to suit their employer’s taste.


Duration: 16 training hours


Easy delicious entertaining for small dinner parties to ‘wow’ your guests. Starters, main course & desserts as well as beautiful table settings.


Duration: 12 training hours


An introduction to Thai ingredients and their uses. Recipes includes our legendary Thai Chicken soups, delectable starters such as Satays, Corn/Crab Cakes and fresh Springrolls, Green and Red Curries, Stir Fries with Prawn and Noodles and Thai Fruit Dessert


Duration: 8 training hours